Here in the U.S. we’re back to work after a long Labor Day weekend and getting excited for the first regular season NFL game on Thursday between the Packers and Seahawks. What better excuse to play around with some facial averaging?

There is no shortage of available football statistics and metrics, but having recently stumbled upon the Face of Tomorrow project, I wondered: just what does the average face of an NFL player look like? Using psychomorph, a bit of Python scripting, and player images from, I set out to answer this question.

What I ended up with is the average face of 2,047 available images (875 players did not have a profile image). I also wondered if there were any differences in player build between different positions. After some experimentation, I decided to group some of the positions for simplification (for example, there wasn’t much difference between the average face of Middle Linebacker and an Inside Linebacker).

Here are the results.

The Face of NFL Players